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Dr. Grizeldor’s Amazing Hair-Away Injection

Never Need to shave again!

May 10th, 2012, New York City. 

Scaring off the guys? Try Hair-Away
Scaring off the guys? Use Hair-Away Injection

A hair removal surgeon by the name of Dr. Grizeldor  has just released an instantly best-selling product; the Hair-Away injection.

Hairy patients now no longer need lengthy, painful, and costly hair removal procedures to rid themselves of their fuzz.

Instead, all one needs to do is to simply Continue reading Dr. Grizeldor’s Amazing Hair-Away Injection

Dominican Farmer Arrested for Giving his Cows Grass

A dominican farmer by the name of Manuel Hernandez Rodriguez has been arrested by the Domincan Drug Control Police for giving his cows grass.
Juan Luis, police spokes man said in a statement to the media: “We were shocked to find Rodriguez giving all his cows grass! He even has a whole field full of it! It is one thing taking grass yourself, but another forcing your cows to eat it.”
Manuel Hernandez Rodriguez responded saying: “The cows like grass very much. They are happy cows.  They’ve been eating it for years. If I can’t give them grass, what else should I feed them?”


Amazing Hebrew Talking Mice a World Wide Sensation!

Hebrew Talking Mice on TV

Amazing Hebrew Talking Mice
Amazing Hebrew Talking Mice

Jonathan and Hannah, two Jewish mice born in Manhattan who moved with their owners to Israel 2 years ago have suddenly astounded the world by chatting in Hebrew to their owners.
Natanel  who bought the two mice for his wife, told of the first time the mice spoke to him: “I was making a cheese sandwich when suddenly Jonathan climbed up onto the counter and Continue reading Amazing Hebrew Talking Mice a World Wide Sensation!

Canadian Grizzly Bear Shoots Hunters

Hunters Shot by Bear

A large Canadian Grizzly Bear has been terrifying hunters after he stole a gun from a tent and has been ambushing hunters and shooting them dead.
Hunters say that they are afraid to go out into the forest as they don’t know where he is hiding or where he will shoot from next.

Watch out for the Killer Bear!
Watch out for the Killer Bear!

One hunter, Jerald Sikning whose friend was shot down by the bear in front of his eyes recalls the experience as following: “We were walking along a dirt path to a spot we both knew was good place for deer hunting when suddenly there was this Continue reading Canadian Grizzly Bear Shoots Hunters

Strawberry Frog Ice creme – The Hottest Dessert in France

“Yum Yum better than Gum”

Le Maison de Grenouilles – Strawberry Frog Delight

The only recently discovered strawberry frog (Litorida cerulela) is now being served all over France as an icecreme topping.

“With Strawberry frog or without?”
Is what waiters around the country are now asking.
And suprisingly enough over 70% are odering it!

The strawberry frog’s facebook fanpage has gotten over 165,000 likes with various frog eating fans commenting:
“Strawberry frogs are sooooo delicious! Better than cherries!” “You rock frog!” and  “Yum yumm, better than gum!”

Le Maison de Grenouilles, a very popular french restaurant has started offering a large Continue reading Strawberry Frog Ice creme – The Hottest Dessert in France

Russian Rooster lays a Golden Egg

“The Rooster Saved us!”

Golden Egg

Believe it or not a russian farmer’s wife claims that her rooster has laid an egg, and not just any egg but a golden one ontop of it all!

Ludja Tschernikova told local TV station reporters: “I went into the hen house early in the morning to collect the eggs and found my rooster behaving very strangely indeed. He wouldn’t stop crowing nor would he come to get fed. So I went over to him and found Continue reading Russian Rooster lays a Golden Egg

Chinese Fishophile caught raping ´Virgin Fish`

¨Virgin Fish No Longer¨

A Chinese man by the name of Lu Chon who works in one of China’s largest fish factories ¨Virgin Fish Atlantic¨ was caught on videotape ´raping´ the dead fish in the mouth before wrapping them up for sale to supermarkets countrywide.

Lu Chon had been fired several times already due to his fish fetish but had returned every time under a new name.

Virgin Fish Atlantic had tried to keep it quiet but after the tape featuring him doing extremely sexual Continue reading Chinese Fishophile caught raping ´Virgin Fish`

Terrorist Squirrels Caught in London

Terrorists use Squirrels to Light Bombs

Squirrel Terrorists
Squirrel Terrorists

British Authorities are desperately trying to keep this story quiet however it was leaked onto the internet by WikiLeaks.

The Al Qaeda has been caught training squirrels to ignite bombs.
This way they won’t have to blow their own people up anymore.

On a recent raid in a remote rural area on a house belonging to a rich muslim suspected to be associated with terrorist groups, the British Security Task Forces was astonished to discover 12 terrorist Continue reading Terrorist Squirrels Caught in London

Dominican Republic's first Animal Sex Farm

One of the 12 young calves on Jose's Farm
One of the 12 young calves on Joses Farm

Sex tourism to the Dominican Republic is taking a new turn, with the opening of  Jose Maria Martinez’s “The Big Suprise Farm” up near Moca.

The German people’s magazine Bunte recently ran a story highlighting the many diverse attractions of the Farm.
Sex tourists who arrive in the Farm, in a one week package tour from Germany get to enjoy Farm pleasures from the smallest chicken to the largest horse.
Tourists are housed in special luxury barns with AC and large plasma TV screens where all kinds of beastial sex films are available 24 hours a day.

An unanimous male visitor confessed in an interview to the magazine that he found the calves most exciting as they often mistook his member for their mother’s utter.

While 73 year old woman tourist said the horses were the best deal as they were better equipped than the haitians and didn’t have AIDS or cholera.

German animal organizations are protesting.
Biatte Steiner of the Society of Protection for Farm Animals (SPFA) says: “I’m outraged that this is being allowed in our time and age! I’m ashamed of these German tourists who visit such a place and give our country such a bad name. Our Government has to do something to stop this abuse of poor innocent creatures! I’ve even heard rumors that they’re being forced-fed Viagra! This is inhuman!!!”

Jose Maria Martinez answered: “Actually I think that they really enjoy it. I not know why she complaining! Maybe she should try it. I’m fully booked till Christmas, bussiness has never been so good. My animals are treated well and fed better than any other farm.”

Strange Rabbit-Cat uncovered

Minnie, the strange rabbit-cat
Minnie, the strange rabbit-cat

Lorena Stanford, a 45 Year old woman from Connecticut, USA, has just uncovered the face of her beloved 4 year old pet Minnie to the world.
“She’s a rather odd looking rabbit,” Lorena states in an interview, “but I love her just as much as if she were normal. She’s a real dear! She loves to cuddle and meows like a cat.”

4 Years before Lorena owned 3 female rabbits and a white Persian cat male.
One day, one of the rabbits got pregnant.

“I had no idea how it could have happened!” Lorena says, “I was totally baffled, I have never had a male rabbit and my rabbits are always at home! I just couldn’t get it at all!”
The rabbit then gave birth to Minnie, a cat-rabbit cross.

“This is the first time we’ve ever seen anything of the kind!” Says Ben Harvy a scientist at the University of Connecticut.
“I never could have imagined such a thing could occur!”

Lorena will next try introducing Minnie with a neighbor’s tiger cat.
Well, let’s see what that will make!