Dr. Grizeldor’s Amazing Hair-away Injection

Never Need to shave again!

May 10th, 2012, New York City. 

Scaring off the guys? Try Hair-Away
Scaring off the guys? Use Hair-Away Injection

A hair removal surgeon by the name of Dr. Grizeldor  has just come out with an instantly best selling product; the Hair-away injection.

Hairy patients now no longer need lengthy and sometimes costly hair removal procedures (often needed to be repeated several times) to rid themselves of their fuzz.

Instead, all that is necessary is a one-time injection of Dr. Grizeldor’s A25 mixture into any hairy part of their body and within half an hour all traces of hairs shall be gone.

“The way it works,”  Dr. Grizeldor told the press, “Is it goes through the blood stream into the hair’s roots and poisons them. Then because they no longer can hold on the hairs fall out. And because the A25 mixture poisons the hair’s root canal no more hairs will ever grow out from there!”

Dr. Grizeldor is selling the Hair-away Injection for only $129.
You can either inject yourself at home or go over to his clinic for the treatment.

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