Mary Pregnant from Ghost Rape

The Ghost Raped Me!

Mary Wong, from Huingxoy province in Western China claims that about five months a ghost came down into her room and raped her. “I woke up because I felt something holding me down. I tried to scream but couldn’t. I couldn’t move.
Then I felt him rape me. When finally it ended, I lay there crying, soaked in sweat and my virgin blood.”
1 month later she found out she was pregnant.
But decided not to abort as worried it might be from god.

Mary Wong lives together with her parents and younger sisters and on the night of the rape no man was seen by anyone either enter the house or leave it.
Since then, several other woman from the area have come fowards with similar claims.

It seems that whoever this ghost may be, he probably was a mass rapist in his life before he died.

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