Canadian Grizzly Bear Shoots Hunters

Hunters Shot by Bear

A large Canadian Grizzly Bear has been terrifying hunters after he stole a gun from a tent and has been ambushing hunters and shooting them dead.
Hunters say that they are afraid to go out into the forest as they don’t know where he is hiding or where he will shoot from next.

Watch out for the Killer Bear!
Watch out for the Killer Bear!

One hunter, Jerald Sikning whose friend was shot down by the bear in front of his eyes recalls the experience as following: “We were walking along a dirt path to a spot we both knew was good place for deer hunting when suddenly there was this loud shot and Henry just fell down dead with this bullet in his head.
It was horrible to see!
I looked to see who’d done it and saw this large brown grizzly bear holding a gun from grinning at us from behind a tree. I was so scared I just dropped everything and ran!”

Hunter John Rodes says he’s surprised at the bears skill with guns. “He shoots so well, it’s just amazing. And he never misses!”

Phsychiatrists wonder what could be the reason of the bears desire to kill hunters. Lena Golding, Animal Psychiatrist thinks it may be a vengefulness on all hunters. “Perhaps a hunter killed his parents or cubs and so he wants to kill any hunter in sight.”

There is a $200 dollar reward for anyone who sees or catches the bear.

However according to reports he will not be easy to catch, not with that gun in his hand!

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