Chinese Fishophile caught raping ´Virgin Fish`

¨Virgin Fish No Longer¨

Whats in your Fish?

A chinese man by the name of Lu Chon who works in one of China´s largest fish factories ¨Virgin Fish Atlantic¨ was caught on video tape ´raping´ the dead fish in the mouth before wrapping them up for sale to supermarkets country wide.

Lu Chon had been fired serveral times already due to his fish fetish but had returned every time under a new name.

Virgin Fish Atlantic had tried to keep it quiet but after the tape featuring him doing extremely sexual acts to the dead fish was leaked onto the internet by an unamed source it is no longer possible to be kept quiet.

All China is in an uproar.

Customers are disgusted and some swear they’ll never eat fish again.
One man states: “I’ve been eating Virgin’s Fish for years now and never would have imagined what was in it! This is revolting! I almost got a stroke when I heard of it. I’m  going to sue them now!”
Groups of people are now coming together to sue Virgin for mental distress and depression from this incident.

Supermarkets country wide have refused to purchase more Virgin Fish as they say no one will buy it.

Cha Chong the factory owner states: “I don’t know what to do about this man! He is crazy after our fish!! We keep firing him but he just keeps coming back! He is completely ruining our fish’s good name! We must do something about him!”

Virgin Fish Atlantic has gotten a court issued decree that if Lu Chon returns now after being fired for the 16th time he will be jailed.

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