Psychic Katie Furbaby Past Life Paintings

Psychic Katie Will Reveal Your Pet’s Past Life

Psychic Katie has become renown for being able to see who a cat or dog was in their past life.

Using her psychic abilities and artistic talents, Katie paints highly detailed, accurate paintings of who that cat or dog was in their past life.

After seeing a photo of the pet and using her psychic power to connect with its soul, Katie creates a beautiful, highly detailed painting of who that cat or dog was in their former life. She also provides an in-depth psychic past life reading.

Customers receive their painting within 4 days in the form of a high-quality, digital artwork that they can easily print online or at a local print shop.

When asked how she knows a pet’s former life, Katie says she focuses on the photo of the pet, and connects with its Soul. Using her Clairvoyant psychic powers, she looks into the past and sees visions of who the cat or dog was in its former incarnation. Sometimes, she sees a lot of visions from different scenes of their former life, and sometimes she sees fewer scenes.

“I was amazed to see some furbabies were in their former lives the children of royalty, noblemen, and famous artists.” Katie says.

When asked if the pet’s breed could be an indication of its former life, Katie replied: “Breed has nothing to do with their former life. One plain tabby stray cat my neighbor rescued was in her past life a Swedish princess, while a fancy Persian pedigree cat was a florist in her past life.”

Katie’s customers are often shocked when she tells them who their pets were in their former lives. Many pet owners claim that their furbaby has a character very similar to the one it had in its past life.

“Everything Katie says about Snow’s past life is 100% like Snow in this life! Even down to loving cheese and piano music! It MUST be true!” says Catherine Woodley, a loving cat owner from London.

“I really loved reading about my little girl’s past life. Now I understand why she loves watching medieval TV series with me, why she hates blue, and why the sounds of church bells excite her so much” says Karla Weisberg, a cat owner from Switzerland.

Some pet owners report their pets having an unusual, deep interest in their past life painting.

“I showed Lulu her past life painting and she recognized herself at once!” says cat owner Debra Martin from Toronto, “She sniffed the painting and meowed loudly and an hour later when I entered the living room I saw her sitting on the couch gazing up at her portrait. She stayed like that for a long time. It must have triggered some memories of her past life!”

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About Psychic Katie

Psychic artist Katie –

Katie studied various forms of traditional & digital art and worked for several years as an illustrator.

At age 26, while on vacation in Brazil, Katie met a mysterious High Shaman and spent 2 months in a tiny remote village in the jungle delving into ancient spiritual arts.

During one of the Shamanic trances, her Third Eye was opened. Next, the Shaman taught her how to connect at will with the Spirit World.

With her newly awakened psychic powers, and being a devoted pet mom, Katie excitedly discovered she could also connect with cats and dogs and see who they were in their former lives!

Using her unique combination of psychic & artistic talents, Katie paints beautiful portraits of furbabies in their past lives.

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