Amazing Hebrew Talking Mice a World Wide Sensation!

Hebrew Talking Mice on TV

Amazing Hebrew Talking Mice
Amazing Hebrew Talking Mice

Jonathan and Hannah, two Jewish mice born in Manhattan who moved with their owners to Israel 2 years ago have suddenly astounded the world by chatting in Hebrew to their owners.
Natanel  who bought the two mice for his wife, told of the first time the mice spoke to him: “I was making a cheese sandwich when suddenly Jonathan climbed up onto the counter and asked very politely in Hebrew if he could have some cheese please. I was shocked!”
The couple thought at first that they must be going crazy.
Then one evening a few days later Hannah appeared on the table before all their friends and batting her pretty eyes at them asked them if she could have some of the cake too.

“It was then that I began to think it wasn’t just us going batty but that we really had come across something miraculous! We had found the ONLY two talking mice in the world!” Natanel recalls excitedly.
The next morning he rushed the mice over to a TV station and had Hannah preform a dance and song before the astounded TV editor while Jonathan cracked jokes to the gaping TV crew.

The mice became a world wide sensation over night, with all the biggest TV stations queuing up to get an interview with them.

You can watch the Amazing Mice dance tonight on CNN News Channel at 8 o’clock.
Don’t miss it!

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