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Futuristic Machine to Turn CO2 Gas into Diamonds

Who Else Wants to make Diamonds at Home?

Diamonds from CO2?
Diamonds from CO2?

Everyone knows that CO2, the harmful gas we exhale and which factories produce, is damaging the planet and causing Global Warming.
Already for many years, scientists have been attempting in vain to separate individual atoms an join them together in new ways to create original substances.
Using modern technology, a team of scientists lead by Professor John Bosch of the Philadelphia University of Sciences, were recently able to Continue reading Futuristic Machine to Turn CO2 Gas into Diamonds

3 Deadly Love Stories

Love that Killed –  The Worst Ways to Die

Drowned under Julia's Fats

Rudolfo Hernandez, a Miami resident aged 34, died by suffocation, while being lovingly buried under his newly wed wife, Julia Esperanza Hernandez.
“He told me to sit on his face so I did it. And because I didn’t hear him tell me to get up again I stayed sitting on him till Continue reading 3 Deadly Love Stories

Dr. Grizeldor’s Amazing Hair-Away Injection

Never Need to shave again!

May 10th, 2012, New York City. 

Scaring off the guys? Try Hair-Away
Scaring off the guys? Use Hair-Away Injection

A hair removal surgeon by the name of Dr. Grizeldor  has just released an instantly best-selling product; the Hair-Away injection.

Hairy patients now no longer need lengthy, painful, and costly hair removal procedures to rid themselves of their fuzz.

Instead, all one needs to do is to simply Continue reading Dr. Grizeldor’s Amazing Hair-Away Injection

Man Killed by Biggest Breast in the World

Nina’s NutCracker Breast

Dangerously Big Killer Breast
Killer Breast

On Friday, May 4th, 2012, a man by the name of Scott Harolds was accidently killed in New York by his new girlfriend’s enourmous breast.

Nina Grossman, who has the biggest breast implants in the world reportedly killed him by Continue reading Man Killed by Biggest Breast in the World

Longest Tongue in the World Guinness World Record

Longest Tongue in the World
Longest Tongue in the World

Chanel Tapper aged 21, has won the 2012 Guinness World Record for having the longest tongue in the world. Chanel’s tongue is 9.75 cm (3.8 in) long.

Chanel first got famous when she was 13 years old, through sticking out her monster long tongue in a YouTube video.

In September 2011 Guinness invited Chanel to Los Angeles where they measured her tongue and she beat two other women to the record.

Chanel loves her long tongue.

Chanel said: “I have always been silly and goofy. I love sticking my tongue out at people.
I started doing that back in school. I’ve never had a problem with having a long tongue, it’s just fun.”

Watch Chanel exhibiting her long tongue below.

What are the 7 pluses of having a long tongue? Share your opinion below.

Dominican Farmer Arrested for Giving his Cows Grass

A dominican farmer by the name of Manuel Hernandez Rodriguez has been arrested by the Domincan Drug Control Police for giving his cows grass.
Juan Luis, police spokes man said in a statement to the media: “We were shocked to find Rodriguez giving all his cows grass! He even has a whole field full of it! It is one thing taking grass yourself, but another forcing your cows to eat it.”
Manuel Hernandez Rodriguez responded saying: “The cows like grass very much. They are happy cows.  They’ve been eating it for years. If I can’t give them grass, what else should I feed them?”


The Real Cause of Fake Male Pregnancy Discovered

Men Beware of Baking Soda!

Pregnant man or Bloated Belly?
Pregnant man or Bloated Belly?

The strange phenomenon of men’s bellies bloating side by side with their wives pregnancy was previously attributed to Mental Assimilation Syndrome or to Female Pregnancy Jealousy Syndrome (FPJS) .

However recent findings from studies conducted at the Berlin Institute of Health show that the real cause of Men’s belly bloat is the overuse of baking soda.
Baking soda is traditionally used to make cakes rise, however it is also used as a home remedy for Digestive Disorders.

The antidote to Baking Soda Belly Bloat is Soda Bake.


Amazing Hebrew Talking Mice a World Wide Sensation!

Hebrew Talking Mice on TV

Amazing Hebrew Talking Mice
Amazing Hebrew Talking Mice

Jonathan and Hannah, two Jewish mice born in Manhattan who moved with their owners to Israel 2 years ago have suddenly astounded the world by chatting in Hebrew to their owners.
Natanel  who bought the two mice for his wife, told of the first time the mice spoke to him: “I was making a cheese sandwich when suddenly Jonathan climbed up onto the counter and Continue reading Amazing Hebrew Talking Mice a World Wide Sensation!

Catus – The Purrfect Cactus for Your Home

Welcome Catus – The New Cat Lovers Cactus Decoration.

Catus - The Cat Cactus
Catus - The Cat Cactus

George Rogings, a life time gardner and scientist at the New York University Science Lab has created a new type of cactus for cat lovers.
“This Cactus is an ideal gift for cat lovers as it looks rather like a cat and although is not as cuddly as a real cat does not eat as much either.” George claims.

Catus comes in various sizes, labeled kitten, cat and tiger and once full grown does not grow any bigger.
It can live in almost any condition and weather as long as it has water and occasional sun.

The Cactus price ranges from $59 for Catus Kitten to $199 for Catus Full Grown Tiger Cat.

You can find out more at

Diamond Lip Piercings- Add a Sparkle to You Lips!

GlamourGoat Lip Piercings Advertisment
GlamourGoat Lip Piercings

GlamourGoat (TM) a top teen and young adult fashion clothes and make up provider recently suprised the public with a new startling product: Diamond Lip Piercings!

With the slogan “Shine like a real star, be seen from a far!”  GlamourGoat is now running heavy online and offline promotions for their product.

While some readers find it “gross”  and “disgusting” others find it “highly sexy” and are queing up to be the first to get the Diamond Lip Piercings.

GlamourGoat is offering a chance for woman to be the first and only ones in their city with the lip piercings for 3 months for only $10,000.
Find out more at