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Unemployed Man Wins Money 3x After ‘Clearing Bad Karma’

Jerold Meyers from Texas, USA, won multiple sweepstakes after claiming to have cleared his Bad Karma.

He believes the Bad Karma energy was blocking money from coming to him, and the moment the Karma was removed, money was attracted to him.

“It’s amazing! I used to work hard for money but NOW money just comes to me! I have more than I need!” Jerold said, adding that he’s donated to 4 charities.

“My life used to be an endless hopeless struggle” He says, “Since I was young I worked hard, earned little, and barely scraped by. Nothing ever worked out for me. Any business I tried failed miserably. Each year, I just kept getting poorer.”

After his boss laid him off, Jerold fell into a deep, dark depression.

“I felt like there was no point in living. I was all alone. No one loved me. The bills were piling up. I was about to lose the house and car. And I had no money.”

Then, by chance, Jerold met Psychic Valeria, known as “The Blind Psychic”.

Valeria is the only psychic Clairvoyant in the world who can see Karmic energies, access the Karmic energy Bank, as well as access all the Akashic Records to see into a person’s past lives.

“After Psychic Valeria told me why I had bad karma and how to get rid of it, my life changed! The moment I cleared my bad karma, money came to me in amazing unexpected ways. I found money in the street, I won 3 sweepstakes, and a magazine bought a photo of my cat for $750!”

Better still, he was suddenly approached by recruiters and got several lucrative job offers.

“I”ve just started a new awesome job! The pay is fantastic. I’m so happy, everything has changed. Before everything and everyone was against me, now without my bad karma, everything is FORĀ me! People are nice to me, they want to hire me, and give me money and gifts” Jerold said.

“Bad Karma is the cause of all suffering and financial struggles,” Psychic Valeria said. “Bad Karma attracts losses, accidents, problems, hardships, and poverty. If you have Bad Karma, no matter how hard you work, you’ll never have enough money. You’ll always be struggling, pinching pennies, and stressing over bills. The only way to abundance is by getting rid of bad karma.”

Karma is an ancient Asian belief. Karma is an energy.
The Law of Karma states that whatever actions you do, in this life or in past lives, generate Karma. Good Karma brings good things your way, Bad Karma attracts bad things to you.

Hundreds of people have reported amazing positive changes in their lives after clearing their bad karma with the help of Psychic Valeria.

Valeria provides personalized karmic readings. After assessing how much bad karma a person has, she tells them exactly what actions they must take to get rid of it and be free.

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