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Futuristic Machine to Turn CO2 Gas into Diamonds

Who Else Wants to make Diamonds at Home?

Diamonds from CO2?
Diamonds from CO2?

Everyone knows that CO2, the harmful gas be breath out and that factories produce is damaging the earth and causing global warming.
For many years already, scientists have experimenting to separate individual atoms and cells and rejoin them together to create new substances.
Exciting research this year by a team of scientists lead by Professor John Bosch of the Philadelphia University of Sciences, proves that with modern advanced technologies scientists were able to separate and extract carbon molecules from CO2 gases.

“This is an incredible discovery and great step forwards,” John Bosch told the media, “What we have just managed to create, will eventually enable joining the CO2 gas molecules with the Bosch reaction CO2(g) + 2H2(g) ? C(s) + 2H2O(l) to create synthesized diamonds.
Once we are able to master this progress we plan to create affordable machines that everyone can use at home to create their own diamonds and reduce the harmful amounts of carbon dioxide.”

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Dr. Grizeldor’s Amazing Hair-away Injection

Never Need to shave again!

May 10th, 2012, New York City. 

Scaring off the guys? Try Hair-Away
Scaring off the guys? Use Hair-Away Injection

A hair removal surgeon by the name of Dr. Grizeldor  has just come out with an instantly best selling product; the Hair-away injection.

Hairy patients now no longer need lengthy and sometimes costly hair removal procedures (often needed to be repeated several times) to rid themselves of their fuzz.

Instead, all that is necessary is a one-time Continue reading Dr. Grizeldor’s Amazing Hair-away Injection

Catus – The Purrfect Cactus for Your Home

Welcome Catus – The New Cat Lovers Cactus Decoration.

Catus - The Cat Cactus
Catus - The Cat Cactus

George Rogings, a life time gardner and scientist at the New York University Science Lab has created a new type of cactus for cat lovers.
“This Cactus is an ideal gift for cat lovers as it looks rather like a cat and although is not as cuddly as a real cat does not eat as much either.” George claims.

Catus comes in various sizes, labeled kitten, cat and tiger and once full grown does not grow any bigger.
It can live in almost any condition and weather as long as it has water and occasional sun.

The Cactus price ranges from $59 for Catus Kitten to $199 for Catus Full Grown Tiger Cat.

You can find out more at