Strawberry Frog Ice creme – The Hottest Dessert in France

“Yum Yum better than Gum”

Le Maison de Grenouilles – Strawberry Frog Delight

The only recently discovered strawberry frog (Litorida cerulela) is now being served all over France as an icecreme topping.

“With Strawberry frog or without?”
Is what waiters around the country are now asking.
And suprisingly enough over 70% are odering it!

The strawberry frog’s facebook fanpage has gotten over 165,000 likes with various frog eating fans commenting:
“Strawberry frogs are sooooo delicious! Better than cherries!” “You rock frog!” and  “Yum yumm, better than gum!”

Le Maison de Grenouilles, a very popular french restaurant has started offering a large creative variety of strawberry frog desserts including a special childrens ‘Strawberry Frog Shake’, ‘Strawberry Frog Chocolate Fudge Cake’ ‘Strawberry Frog EggNog’ and even offers a special half priced ‘Fried Strawberry Frogs ‘ on Fridays.

Recent reports state that Harribo France came out this week with a new ‘Strawberry Frog’ toffee with the motto: “Chewy and sweet, this frog’s a real treat!”

“The strawberry frog is soooo delicious”

A group of french scientists of the École Normale Supérieure de Paris University claim that the strawberry frog contains 3 times more vitamines than real strawberries do and are pushing for Governmanet approval to sell it as a vitamine suppliment.

The strawberry frog craze has gone all the way to the government with french president reportedly having been seen drinking a Superberry-frog-delight power shake for breakfast!

Margarete Weever president of the UK Royal Society for Protection of Frogs says she is horrified at what is going on. She states: “This is outrageous what they are doing to the poor frogs! In this speed their eating them there will soon be none left!”

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