Terrorist Squirrels Caught in London

Terrorists use Squirrels to Light Bombs

Squirrel Terrorists
Squirrel Terrorists

British Authorities are desperately trying to keep this story quiet however it was leaked onto the internet by WikiLeaks.

The Al Qaeda has been caught training squirrels to ignite bombs.
This way they won’t have to blow their own people up anymore.

On a recent raid in a remote rural area on a house belonging to a rich muslim suspected to be associated with terrorist groups, the British Security Task Forces was astonished to discover 12 terrorist squirrels in midst training lighting dummy bombs.

Authorities are discussing what to do with these terrorist squirrels.
Whether it is safe to release them from captivity or send them to a special zoo where they can’t do any harm.

Animal rights organizations fear for the safety of squirrels after the first terrorist squirrel was caught.
The British Minister of Enviorment calls for calm and bids the people to avoid hysteria and not to harm squirrels in parks. “Not all squirrels are terrorists!” He said.

This recent development in terrorist training is very worrisome.
Who knows what animal they’ll next use – perhaps a kitten?

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