Fake homemade diamonds machine

Futuristic Machine to Turn CO2 Gas into Diamonds

Who Else Wants to make Diamonds at Home?

Diamonds from CO2?
Diamonds from CO2?

Everyone knows that CO2, the harmful gas we exhale and which factories produce, is damaging the planet and causing Global Warming.
Already for many years, scientists have been attempting in vain to separate individual atoms an join them together in new ways to create original substances.
Using modern technology, a team of scientists lead by Professor John Bosch of the Philadelphia University of Sciences, were recently able to separate and extract carbon molecules from CO2 gases.

“This is an incredible discovery and great step forwards,” John Bosch told the media, “What we have just managed to create will eventually enable us to join CO2 gas molecules with the Bosch reaction CO2(g) + 2H2(g) ? C(s) + 2H2O(l) to create synthesized diamonds.
Once we are able to master this progress, we will begin manufacturing affordable machines which everyone can use at home to create their own diamonds and greatly reduce the quantity of harmful carbon dioxide in existance.”

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