3 Deadly Love Stories

Love that Killed – ┬áThe Worst Ways to Die

Drowned under Julia's Fats

Rudolfo Hernandez, a Miami resident aged 34, died by suffocation, while being lovingly buried under his newly wed wife, Julia Esperanza Hernandez.
“He told me to sit on his face so I did it. And because I didn’t hear him tell me to get up again I stayed sitting on him till half an hour later I found he was dead.” Julia told Police Inspectors.

Farted to Death

Farted to Pieces
Farted to Pieces

A very poor Russian family living in a tiny, one-room home, is suspected to have been eating something rotten or bad which caused a major release of flatulence (farts).

The tragic deaths of Anastasia Vilminovishka, Vladimir Vilminovishka and their 4 children occurred when Mr. Vilminoviska lit a cigarette which caused the room to blow up.

Killed by a Kiss

Deadly Kisses
Deadly Kisses

When Henry Taylor kissed his girlfriend Chelsea, he was very excited and sucked too hard on her tongue.

This resulted in her tongue getting stuck halfway down his throat which caused him to suffocate and finally die after 3 minutes of repeated attempts to breathe.

Chelsea Williams says she will never recover from it, nor will her now 4-inch long tongue.

Kissing can be so dangerous!

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