Man Killed by Biggest Breast in the World

Nina’s NutCracker Breast

Dangerously Big Killer Breast
Killer Breast

On Friday,  a man by the name of Scott Harolds was accidentally killed in New York by his new girlfriend’s enormous breast.

Nina Grossman, who has the biggest breast implants in the world reportedly killed him by passionately hugging him.

Ms. Grossman stated in an interview to the Press: “I was only giving him a strong hug between my breast when suddenly I heard a cracking sound and his head broke open. I screamed and fainted.”

Dr. Haymouth Ph.D. (Forensic Medical Examiner) claims after examining the victim’s corpse: “Both the lambdoid suture, parietal bone, squamosal suture, and occipital bone are broken. This could only have happened from a very large, hard object (such as Nina’s hard silicone breast implants) colliding from both sides with the victim’s head. I have never seen such a thing before! I am quite surprised!”

So the next time you see a girl with huge breast… beware!

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