Russian Rooster lays a Golden Egg

“The Rooster Saved us!”

Golden Egg

Believe it or not a russian farmer’s wife claims that her rooster has laid an egg, and not just any egg but a golden one ontop of it all!

Ludja Tschernikova told local TV station reporters: “I went into the hen house early in the morning to collect the eggs and found my rooster behaving very strangely indeed. He wouldn’t stop crowing nor would he come to get fed. So I went over to him and found him sitting on a golden egg! I was shocked! It was just unbelievable!”

Scientists from all around the world are baffled as to how it could have occured.
“We never heard of such a case before,” Proffessor William Friedman from the Washington Science University told press, “No rooster we ever heard of could lay eggs.”

Mrs. Tschernikova thinks the golden egg is a gift from God.  “My husband is very much in debt and we were about to loose the farm”, a teary eyed Ludja told the press, “I was praying to God that something might save us and he heard me! He saved us!”

Wonder Rooster

The egg is estimated to be worth $53, 000 dollars and both husband and wife are hopping the rooster may lay a couple more.

A rich russian billionaire has offered to buy the rooster for 1.5 million dollars but Ludja Tschernikova has declined his offer saying: “I can not sell such a precious gift from God for any price. This rooster is my savior!”

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