Why Raise Chickens when You Can Plant Eggs Instead?

Professor Karl N. Hartman of The Nova Scotia Institute of Genetic Engineering, unveiled today a new, revolutionary plant – the chicken egg plant!

Using a combination of plant-based Czyme9 + chicken Calonide En22F genes, Hartman and his team were able to create a unique plant which grows real, hard chicken eggs.

“They taste exactly like the real thing!” Susan Clark from Morning News said after picking a fresh egg off the bush and frying it.

Unlike fruits, the eggs don’t need to ripen and can be picked at any time. If left on the bush, the eggs keep growing larger until, after 20 days, they hatch into chicks. The problem is, the chicks are green and can only eat grass.

“This is a major step for mankind,” Hartman told the Press. “Soon anyone will be able to eat fresh, tasty eggs every day, even if they don’t have money to buy them or a chicken farm. This egg plant is very resilient! You can grow it in a little flower pot or in a semi-dark room. All it needs is some water and fertilizer.”

However, there are a few minor problems which still need to be ironed out before the scientists can start selling these seeds.

“So far, the main problem with this plant,” said Hartman’s assistant Megan Rodriguez, “is that the stalk which holds the eggs are too thin. Last week, we had a very windy day and all the eggs tore off the twigs and smashed on my window.”

Will this be the solution to end world hunger?

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