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Taylor Swift gets Diamond Lip Piercings

Taylor Swift’s Shiny Lip Piercings

Taylor Swift Diamond Lips
Taylor Swift Diamond Lips

Only one week after GlamourGoat’s launch of their Diamond Lip Piercings, famouse singer Taylor Swift has gotten her lips pierced!

Her mother is quoted saying: “I think its horrible looking! I’m shocked at what she did. I never thought she’d do that to herself!”

Taylor however thinks it’s Continue reading Taylor Swift gets Diamond Lip Piercings

Diamond Lip Piercings- Add a Sparkle to You Lips!

GlamourGoat Lip Piercings Advertisment
GlamourGoat Lip Piercings

GlamourGoat (TM) a top teen and young adult fashion clothes and make up provider recently suprised the public with a new startling product: Diamond Lip Piercings!

With the slogan “Shine like a real star, be seen from a far!”  GlamourGoat is now running heavy online and offline promotions for their product.

While some readers find it “gross”  and “disgusting” others find it “highly sexy” and are queing up to be the first to get the Diamond Lip Piercings.

GlamourGoat is offering a chance for woman to be the first and only ones in their city with the lip piercings for 3 months for only $10,000.
Find out more at

Canadian Grizzly Bear Shoots Hunters

Hunters Shot by Bear

A large Canadian Grizzly Bear has been terrifying hunters after he stole a gun from a tent and has been ambushing hunters and shooting them dead.
Hunters say that they are afraid to go out into the forest as they don’t know where he is hiding or where he will shoot from next.

Watch out for the Killer Bear!
Watch out for the Killer Bear!

One hunter, Jerald Sikning whose friend was shot down by the bear in front of his eyes recalls the experience as following: “We were walking along a dirt path to a spot we both knew was good place for deer hunting when suddenly there was this Continue reading Canadian Grizzly Bear Shoots Hunters

Strawberry Frog Ice creme – The Hottest Dessert in France

“Yum Yum better than Gum”

Le Maison de Grenouilles – Strawberry Frog Delight

The only recently discovered strawberry frog (Litorida cerulela) is now being served all over France as an icecreme topping.

“With Strawberry frog or without?”
Is what waiters around the country are now asking.
And suprisingly enough over 70% are odering it!

The strawberry frog’s facebook fanpage has gotten over 165,000 likes with various frog eating fans commenting:
“Strawberry frogs are sooooo delicious! Better than cherries!” “You rock frog!” and  “Yum yumm, better than gum!”

Le Maison de Grenouilles, a very popular french restaurant has started offering a large Continue reading Strawberry Frog Ice creme – The Hottest Dessert in France

Russian Rooster lays a Golden Egg

“The Rooster Saved us!”

Golden Egg

Believe it or not a russian farmer’s wife claims that her rooster has laid an egg, and not just any egg but a golden one ontop of it all!

Ludja Tschernikova told local TV station reporters: “I went into the hen house early in the morning to collect the eggs and found my rooster behaving very strangely indeed. He wouldn’t stop crowing nor would he come to get fed. So I went over to him and found Continue reading Russian Rooster lays a Golden Egg

Chinese Fishophile caught raping ´Virgin Fish`

¨Virgin Fish No Longer¨

A Chinese man by the name of Lu Chon who works in one of China’s largest fish factories ¨Virgin Fish Atlantic¨ was caught on videotape ´raping´ the dead fish in the mouth before wrapping them up for sale to supermarkets countrywide.

Lu Chon had been fired several times already due to his fish fetish but had returned every time under a new name.

Virgin Fish Atlantic had tried to keep it quiet but after the tape featuring him doing extremely sexual Continue reading Chinese Fishophile caught raping ´Virgin Fish`

Mary Pregnant from Ghost Rape

The Ghost Raped Me!

Mary Wong, from Huingxoy province in Western China claims that about five months a ghost came down into her room and raped her. “I woke up because I felt something holding me down. I tried to scream but couldn’t. I couldn’t move.
Then I felt him rape me. When finally it ended, I lay there crying, soaked in sweat and my virgin blood.”
1 month later she found out she was Continue reading Mary Pregnant from Ghost Rape

New GMO Hybrids – Pocket Sized Watermelons

Pocket sized Watermelons and Giant Avocados?

New GMO Pocket sized Watermelons and Huge Avocados
New GMO Hybrids

Images from a Top Security Russian GMO Laboratory where leaked onto the web by one of it’s workers who doesn’t think it’s right what they are doing.

Russian Scientists have been secretly working to create the latest GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) hybrid creation; huge Avocados and pocket sized Watermelons.
It seems that they have Continue reading New GMO Hybrids – Pocket Sized Watermelons

Terrorist Squirrels Caught in London

Terrorists use Squirrels to Light Bombs

Squirrel Terrorists
Squirrel Terrorists

British Authorities are desperately trying to keep this story quiet however it was leaked onto the internet by WikiLeaks.

The Al Qaeda has been caught training squirrels to ignite bombs.
This way they won’t have to blow their own people up anymore.

On a recent raid in a remote rural area on a house belonging to a rich muslim suspected to be associated with terrorist groups, the British Security Task Forces was astonished to discover 12 terrorist Continue reading Terrorist Squirrels Caught in London

Giant Tick Attacks Tourist in the Dominican Republic!

Huge Nightmare Tick Attack!

Lectorina Ixodida
Lectorina Ixodida

Recent reports state that a tourist who visited Playa Limon Beach in El Cedro, Miches, Dominican Republic experienced the world’s worst nightmarish tick attack.

Michel (who doesn’t want his full name known) states:
“I was staying in a small hotel near Playa Limon and had gone down to the beach for a swim.
No one was around to see so I went for a swim in the nude.
I afterwards lay down in the sand to tan, and was having a rather relaxing time when all of a sudden I felt this terrible, terrible pinching pain on my member. I looked down and Holly God! I just leaped right up screaming my head off!
For there on the tip of it was this horrible, HUGE monsterous looking tick that was growing bigger every Continue reading Giant Tick Attacks Tourist in the Dominican Republic!