New GMO Hybrids – Pocket Sized Watermelons

Pocket sized Watermelons and Giant Avocados?

New GMO Pocket sized Watermelons and Huge Avocados
New GMO Hybrids

Images from a Top Security Russian GMO Laboratory where leaked onto the web by one of it’s workers who doesn’t think it’s right what they are doing.

Russian Scientists have been secretly working to create the latest GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) hybrid creation; huge Avocados and pocket sized Watermelons.
It seems that they have finally managed this.
Djanko Ilanovitsch, who was incharge of this experiment claims:
“I see nothing wrong in what our scientists have produced, it is nothing to hide or be ashamed of.
I don’t know why people are making such a story about it.

These avocados are a blessing to the world!
Not only will they feed the hungry but they will give more value to the end customer not only because of their size but also because of their taste.

The PocketMelons are even more useful as children will now be able to have instead of sweets for lunch a healthy, tasty watermelon which they can carry around in their pockets.”

Mr. Ilanovitsch states that they will continue carrying out further experiments and hope to be able to bring this new hybrid onto the market by 2012.

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