Giant Tick Attacks Tourist in the Dominican Republic!

Huge Nightmare Tick Attack!

Lectorina Ixodida
Lectorina Ixodida

Recent reports state that a tourist who visited Playa Limon Beach in El Cedro, Miches, Dominican Republic experienced the world’s worst nightmarish tick attack.

Michel (who doesn’t want his full name known) states:
“I was staying in a small hotel near Playa Limon and had gone down to the beach for a swim.
No one was around to see so I went for a swim in the nude.
I afterwards lay down in the sand to tan, and was having a rather relaxing time when all of a sudden I felt this terrible, terrible pinching pain on my member. I looked down and Holly God! I just leaped right up screaming my head off!
For there on the tip of it was this horrible, HUGE monsterous looking tick that was growing bigger every second! I panicked. I had never seen ANYTHING as horrible in ALL my life before!
I tried to pull it off, but it was holding on so tight that it wouldn’t budge! I pulled harder and all of a sudden it came off, tearing off the tip of my member with it! The pain was so terrible I think I must have fainted then.”

Playa Limon Beach
Playa Limon Beach

Michel was treated in a dominican hospital but mourns that he’ll never be the same again.
“Sure as Hell I’ll never return!” He declares.

Lectornia Ixodida, the giant tick who attacked Michel is a very rare tick specie not commonly found in the world anymore because of overpopulation.

However in Playa Limon (a rather lonely place) this tick still exists!
Lectorina Ixodida can grow up to two and a half inches thick.
This huge tick is currently considered the biggest and most dangerous tick in the world.
A truly nightmarish tick to encounter on ones holiday!

So beware…if you ever go to this beach!

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