Wonder Duck healed the Sick

“It was not me – It was Quaky”

Agot Ilona - Magical Healer?
Agot Ilona - Magical Healer?

Agota Ilona Piankoczki, 68 year old woman from the mountainous hungarian village of Pusztas, who has been hailed for many years as a phenomianl healer, has now revealed her secrete:

“It all began 5 Years ago, after the death of my beloved husband Pavlov, when I contracted a terrible flew. I was all alone in my little isolated house, far from the village.

My only companion was a duck I named Quaky. I grew very fond of her, as I needed some comfort after my husbands death. She was like a daughter to me. I fed her the best and spoke to her very often. I guess she must have understood me and learned over time. And then when I got ill, my duck suddenly came to me with some herbs in her beak and laid them into my palm. I ate them and the next day the fever was gone! I was amazed!

Over the coming months I started helping other people too. Whenever I visited a sick person I took Quaky with me to them.
Then we’d take a walk in the forest and I’d ask Quaky what we need for that person to make them better. And off she’d go trotting and pick a bunch of different leaves or herbs and I’d make a balm or a tea for the patient. We were such a great team Quaky and I.

I guess she must have been a healer in her former life.¬† I totally forgot that she was just a duck and that ducks don’t live long. A month ago, my dear, dear Quaky died. And so I no longer can heal anyone! People keep coming to me for cures and so I felt I had to come out with the true story so they don’t think I’m mean and don’t want to help them anymore. You see it was not me, it was Quaky.”

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