The Exotic African Kayajubi

Kenya’s Amazing Monkey-Cat


This strange looking, exotic creature, named Kayajubi (African Bantu Swahili for Monkey Cat) has a long history behind it.
Rumored as a bringer of bad fortune, he has since centuries been hunted by african tribes and either killed upon sight or sacrificed to the goddess of fortune Yoruban.
The Monkey Cat, or Kayajubi, lives in the deapest parts of the forests.

Monkey cats are nocturnal, hunting mainly at night and sleeping during the day.
Their diet consists of small insects, birds and their eggs, mice, fruits, berries and slugs.
Because of their long monkey-like limbs, they can easily climb up to the highest branches of a tree, thus enabling them to escape potentially dangerous predators and also reach birds nests to steal their eggs from.

Most monkey cats have a short, silky fur covering their bodies and a thick lion like mane around their heads.
That is the main reason why they were named monkey cats.
Long claws and small sharp pointed teeth assist the Kayajubi in catching it’s prey.

Because of the growing numbers of human population, the Kayajubi is in danger of becoming extinct.
Local organizations as well as international ones are fighting to save the last of it’s kind.
You can see the Kayajubi in the local Animal Wildlife Reserve in Kenya, aswell as make a donation to help support the fight against it’s extinction.

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