Amazing Hebrew Talking Mice a World Wide Sensation!

Hebrew Talking Mice on TV

Amazing Hebrew Talking Mice
Amazing Hebrew Talking Mice

Jonathan and Hannah, two Jewish mice born in Manhattan who moved with their owners to Israel 2 years ago have suddenly astounded the world by chatting in Hebrew to their owners.
Natanel  who bought the two mice for his wife, told of the first time the mice spoke to him: “I was making a cheese sandwich when suddenly Jonathan climbed up onto the counter and Continue reading Amazing Hebrew Talking Mice a World Wide Sensation!

Kiwa hirsuta – Amazing Blonde Furry Lobster

One of the Most Amazing Ocean Animals

Kiwa Hirsuta - The Hairy Lobster
Kiwa Hirsuta - The Hairy Lobster

Kiwa hirsuta (also nicknamed “the hairy lobster”) was found on the floor of the 7,540-foot-deep (2,300-meter-deep) Pacific Ocean some 900 miles (1,500 kilometers) south of Easter Island by a group of scientists in March 2005.

In many ways the newly discovered creature still remains a mystery.

This amazing animal has strongly reduced Continue reading Kiwa hirsuta – Amazing Blonde Furry Lobster

Catus – The Purrfect Cactus for Your Home

Welcome Catus – The New Cat Lovers Cactus Decoration.

Catus - The Cat Cactus
Catus - The Cat Cactus

George Rogings, a life time gardner and scientist at the New York University Science Lab has created a new type of cactus for cat lovers.
“This Cactus is an ideal gift for cat lovers as it looks rather like a cat and although is not as cuddly as a real cat does not eat as much either.” George claims.

Catus comes in various sizes, labeled kitten, cat and tiger and once full grown does not grow any bigger.
It can live in almost any condition and weather as long as it has water and occasional sun.

The Cactus price ranges from $59 for Catus Kitten to $199 for Catus Full Grown Tiger Cat.

You can find out more at

Diamond Lip Piercings- Add a Sparkle to You Lips!

GlamourGoat Lip Piercings Advertisment
GlamourGoat Lip Piercings

GlamourGoat (TM) a top teen and young adult fashion clothes and make up provider recently suprised the public with a new startling product: Diamond Lip Piercings!

With the slogan “Shine like a real star, be seen from a far!”  GlamourGoat is now running heavy online and offline promotions for their product.

While some readers find it “gross”  and “disgusting” others find it “highly sexy” and are queing up to be the first to get the Diamond Lip Piercings.

GlamourGoat is offering a chance for woman to be the first and only ones in their city with the lip piercings for 3 months for only $10,000.
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