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Taylor Swift gets Diamond Lip Piercings

Taylor Swift’s Shiny Lip Piercings

Taylor Swift Diamond Lips
Taylor Swift Diamond Lips

Only one week after GlamourGoat’s launch of their Diamond Lip Piercings, famouse singer Taylor Swift has gotten her lips pierced!

Her mother is quoted saying: “I think its horrible looking! I’m shocked at what she did. I never thought she’d do that to herself!”

Taylor however thinks it’s Continue reading Taylor Swift gets Diamond Lip Piercings

Diamond Lip Piercings- Add a Sparkle to You Lips!

GlamourGoat Lip Piercings Advertisment
GlamourGoat Lip Piercings

GlamourGoat (TM) a top teen and young adult fashion clothes and make up provider recently suprised the public with a new startling product: Diamond Lip Piercings!

With the slogan “Shine like a real star, be seen from a far!” ¬†GlamourGoat is now running heavy online and offline promotions for their product.

While some readers find it “gross” ¬†and “disgusting” others find it “highly sexy” and are queing up to be the first to get the Diamond Lip Piercings.

GlamourGoat is offering a chance for woman to be the first and only ones in their city with the lip piercings for 3 months for only $10,000.
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