New Snail Specie Uncovered in Amazon Forest

Amazing ‘Toad Snail’ Discovered in Brasil

'The Toad Snail' Acroloxolidea Pulmunata
'The Toad Snail' Acroloxolidea Pulmunata

Discovered in the thick Amazon forest by Vladimir Skoventshky (a Russian Scientist of the Moscow Science University) this queer looking “toad snail” (Acroloxolidea Pulmunata) has been turned into a mini celebrity online.

He even has his own fanpage with over 15000 fans!
He is guessed to be very old, exactly how old however is yet unknown.

Vladimir Skoventshky and his team of scientists last stated to the media that they were closely studying the toad snails behavior and would report any interesting revelations.

Will keep you posted!

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