Dominican Farmer Arrested for Giving his Cows Grass

A dominican farmer by the name of Manuel Hernandez Rodriguez has been arrested by the Domincan Drug Control Police for giving his cows grass.
Juan Luis, police spokes man said in a statement to the media: “We were shocked to find Rodriguez giving all his cows grass! He even has a whole field full of it! It is one thing taking grass yourself, but another forcing your cows to eat it.”
Manuel Hernandez Rodriguez responded saying: “The cows like grass very much. They are happy cows.  They’ve been eating it for years. If I can’t give them grass, what else should I feed them?”


The Real Cause of Fake Male Pregnancy Discovered

Men Beware of Baking Soda!

Pregnant man or Bloated Belly?
Pregnant man or Bloated Belly?

The strange phenomenon of men’s bellies bloating side by side with their wives pregnancy was previously attributed to Mental Assimilation Syndrome or to Female Pregnancy Jealousy Syndrome (FPJS) .

However recent findings from studies conducted at the Berlin Institute of Health show that the real cause of Men’s belly bloat is the overuse of baking soda.
Baking soda is traditionally used to make cakes rise, however it is also used as a home remedy for Digestive Disorders.

The antidote to Baking Soda Belly Bloat is Soda Bake.


Taylor Swift gets Diamond Lip Piercings

Taylor Swift’s Shiny Lip Piercings

Taylor Swift Diamond Lips
Taylor Swift Diamond Lips

Only one week after GlamourGoat’s launch of their Diamond Lip Piercings, famouse singer Taylor Swift has gotten her lips pierced!

Her mother is quoted saying: “I think its horrible looking! I’m shocked at what she did. I never thought she’d do that to herself!”

Taylor however thinks it’s Continue reading Taylor Swift gets Diamond Lip Piercings