Mary Pregnant from Ghost Rape

The Ghost Raped Me!

Mary Wong, from Huingxoy province in Western China claims that about five months a ghost came down into her room and raped her. “I woke up because I felt something holding me down. I tried to scream but couldn’t. I couldn’t move.
Then I felt him rape me. When finally it ended, I lay there crying, soaked in sweat and my virgin blood.”
1 month later she found out she was Continue reading Mary Pregnant from Ghost Rape

New GMO Hybrids – Pocket Sized Watermelons

Pocket sized Watermelons and Giant Avocados?

New GMO Pocket sized Watermelons and Huge Avocados
New GMO Hybrids

Images from a Top Security Russian GMO Laboratory where leaked onto the web by one of it’s workers who doesn’t think it’s right what they are doing.

Russian Scientists have been secretly working to create the latest GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) hybrid creation; huge Avocados and pocket sized Watermelons.
It seems that they have Continue reading New GMO Hybrids – Pocket Sized Watermelons

Terrorist Squirrels Caught in London

Terrorists use Squirrels to Light Bombs

Squirrel Terrorists
Squirrel Terrorists

British Authorities are desperately trying to keep this story quiet however it was leaked onto the internet by WikiLeaks.

The Al Qaeda has been caught training squirrels to ignite bombs.
This way they won’t have to blow their own people up anymore.

On a recent raid in a remote rural area on a house belonging to a rich muslim suspected to be associated with terrorist groups, the British Security Task Forces was astonished to discover 12 terrorist Continue reading Terrorist Squirrels Caught in London